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The federal government has been loath to discuss the use of rogue cell phone surveillance devices in the US.

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But the Department of Homeland Security has finally acknowledged that such devices are likely in operation in Washington DC. In it, the DHS confirms it has detected cell site simulators near important government agencies.

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All IMSI-catchers operate in the same basic fashion — they pretend to be a cell tower, forcing nearby phones to connect before passing the signal along to a real tower. This allows the Stingray to gather data from the device and listen in on conversations. The current cellular standards were robust and difficult to crack when they were developed, but technology has advanced.


In the letter to Wyden, DHS admitted it could not determine the type of devices in operation. While it did know these devices were not operated by any legitimate law enforcement organization, it could not tell who was running the equipment. Some are only good for short range and fit inside a small backpack or briefcase. Others are the size of a microwave and need a continuous power source.

Individuals and companies of all sizes can use "spy" software to do everything from tracking a cell phone's location to keeping a live log of all text messages sent and received from the monitored mobile phone. For the right purposes and with the right permission, though, these apps can be positively invaluable. Designed both for parents who want to watch their children, and businesses who want to monitor their employees, Mobistealth offers a comprehensive solution to monitor almost all mobile phone activity.

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Monitoring is performed through an online portal on the Mobistealth website, providing access to the account from just about anywhere in the world. All smartphone platforms are supported. It also likes the "excellent customer support.

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There are two main premium plans available for each of the iPhone and Android platforms. The higher end plan is needed to unlock such features as Viber chat logging and call recording. The robust feature set is geared toward both parents and employers who want to record everything that is happening on a phone. This includes a large amount of live data accessible through the online portal.

Many of the features of this cell phone tracking solution are geared toward monitoring social media and online usage. TopTenReviews gives Mobile Spy its Silver award saying it "offers extremely extensive surveillance and reporting, and it gives you ample capacity to set limits and create alerts.

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A few years ago, Mobile Spy changed some policies, removed some features and added device notifications and a tamper-proof icon to let the user know that they are being monitored. This caused some controversy and resulted in some bad reviews.

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Both SpyzRus and AcisNI made notes on former glowing reviews that they no longer recommended the software because it couldn't be hidden. Mobile Spy has since enabled innovative new features and added the option to turn off notifications and remove the icon from a child's phone for more discrete monitoring, placing it once again at the top of most cellphone monitoring favorite lists. The pricing model consists of two main tiers, both of which offering discounts when you pay for a longer period in advance. Although mSpy has only been in business since , it has become a leader in monitoring solutions by listening to the needs of its end users.

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Once thought too expensive for family monitoring, it presented a new family kit option with special pricing. This software is compatible with Android and iOS cell phones. Read Text Messages named mSpy its top pick, saying the application is a "great choice" with "both a home and business option.